ICT Developments

ICT is a particular feature at Tanbridge House School and is significantly impacting on teaching and learning.

One of the central strands of e-learning at Tanbridge House School is our Virtual Learning Environment, which is currently being upgraded. Students use the VLE Moodle to access learning materials for their subjects in lessons and at home. These include Smartboard lessons, Powerpoint presentations from previous and future lessons, assessment information and online assignments. Parents can also access the VLE.

Students can use our Remote Desktop Service (RDS) to access their school files and software from a computer at home. All students have their own THS email account with enhanced security to protect all personal details. E-safety is an absolute priority and all students are regularly informed about appropriate ICT use, both in school and at home.

The majority of classrooms are equipped with an interactive whiteboard which provides a wealth of teaching opportunities and high quality learning resources. Our staff make full use of the innovative and diverse opportunities that new technologies provide. We have a number of school iPads which teachers use in a whole host of exciting ways to engage students and enhance their learning.

Students leave Tanbridge House School with up to date ICT skills to suit any post 16 study or employment situation. Microsoft Office 2010 and Adobe Creative Suite are just two examples of the software that is embedded across the school.