Year 10 Students Learn Vital Skills for the Future

Year 10 Students Learn Vital Skills for the Future

In preparation for the future, all year 10 students had a Mock Interview experience on 13 July.  Over the last month we have learnt how to write up an effective CV and Letter of application in PSHE and we learnt how to act in an interview situation, including minor but important details like a handshake at the beginning and end of the interview and keeping eye contact.   We had the chance to role play in pairs to increase our confidence for the day.

The first step was selecting an appropriate and relevant job from a selection of job adverts.   We then wrote our CV and letter of application based on our chosen area of work.

On the day of the Mock Interview, we were nervous but were able to overcome any fears as a result of the practice and because of the helpful and approachable interviewers.  We were able to dress appropriately for an interview so that we would have an idea of what we should wear in a real life situation.

The interview itself was enjoyable and not as stressful as we had thought it would be.  We spent half an hour with the interviewer who asked us questions based on our CV and letter.

The most useful part was the detailed feedback given to us in response to the interview. We were told what we did well, how we came across and how we could improve for the future with constructive criticism given to help us improve.

Overall it was an enjoyable and helpful experience and we are glad we had the opportunity to do this.

by Chrissy Major and Emily Taylor - Year 10 Students

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