Students revisit the past with time capsule reveal

Year 11 Students from Tanbridge House School took a step back in time when they dug up a four year old time capsule that they had buried when they first started at the school in Year 7.

Back in March 2014 the students embarked on the ‘Exceptional futures’ project, which gave everyone in the year group the opportunity create their own personal predictions and aspirations for the future and place these inside the specially made time capsule.

The entries asked each student what they hoped to be doing in 2018, what they wanted to have achieved by then and their predictions on what friends/family would be doing.  In addition, students were able to complete the form with any other thoughts they had which they might like to reflect on in the future.

The same group of students that buried the capsule in 2014 were called back together to dig it up and share the findings with the year group. Upon opening the capsule, students were able to see how their predictions and aspirations had panned out. Students had also buried some (now defunct) pound coins and a small angel charm.

Mrs Washington-Jones, Pastoral Assistant for the year group, said: ““The year group were really looking forward to re-discovering the contents of the time capsule and even though they have matured into young adults, this did not diminish their excitement. “

“How wonderful to find letters detailing their hopes and dreams for 2018 and all the reminders of favourite songs, bands, foods and predictions.  It was inspirational to see goals of becoming vets, pilots, professional footballers, actors, musicians, make-up artists and even a professional skier.  So many students predicted that they would be taller, one even suggesting they would be giants!”

“A real theme of wanting to make friends and do well at school was apparent in their writing and they have definitely achieved this.  Two old-style one pound coins were an added bonus, together with an acrylic angel made by one of the students.  What a delightful afternoon with many happy memories made.”


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