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Uniform and Basic Standards

We place a great deal of value in our students getting 'the basics' right. Our Basic Standards agenda is one of the foundations of our success as a school.

 If you are unsure or have any questions regarding basic standards for students, please contact the relevant Leader of Year in the first instance.



Our Basic Standards include the following key areas:

Attendance and Punctuality

We are very proud of our attendance record and wish to maintain this standard. Punctuality is an important part of self discipline and is essential to good time management. We expect all students to arrive to school/lessons on time and ready to learnMore information about absence/attendance can be found on our Absences web page.

 Care and courtesy

A kind and caring community is at the heart of Tanbridge House School. We expect all students, staff and members of the school community to treat each other with care and respect. 

 Uniform, Appearance and Equipment

Our students are ambassadors for Tanbridge House School and they are expected to adhere to our uniform and appearance guidelines. It is also vital that students turn up to school with the correct equipment each day.

Our school uniform policy can be found on our Policies web page


Students are expected to have the following basic items of equipment with them for all of their lessons:

∙          Pens (black ink only)

∙          Pencils, eraser and sharpener

∙          Pencil case

∙          School bag

∙          Scientific calculator

           Whiteboard Pen

∙          Ruler

Textbooks and specialised equipment will be issued on loan. Students are required to pay for any loss or damage to those items.