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Scholars Programme


Our goal at Tanbridge House School, is to support the growth of extraordinary students to become the very best that they can be.

We aim to give all students realistic and challenging opportunities to develop their skills of resilience, teamwork, communication, leadership, creativity and enquiry. ‘Background and current circumstance’ should not act as barrier to high performance and personal development.

As part of the Scholars Programme we will:

  • encourage our students to prepare to leave Tanbridge House School with real-life development opportunities associated with these skills, giving them the cutting edge against their future peers
  • help them to develop a multi-media e-portfolio's that will act as comprehensive evidence of how they are developing these life skills and beginning the process of realising their future ambitions
  • celebrate the skills that will support them in life in a time of possible exponential change
  • celebrate this through a ‘Graduation’ Ceremony where students will receive either a 1st class, 2:1, or 2:2 award
  • recognise their evolution and celebrate their success within three pillars of foundational progress:
    • Academic Excellence
    • Personal Development
    • Leadership

In delivering a programme that recognises and celebrates these pillars, we know that we will be shaping, not only rounded and thoughtful individuals, but leaders of the future who will be equipped for a world that will require knowledge that was not learnt in the classroom, but as part of a broader and more personalised curriculum.

Please contact Mrs Linsell or Mr Tidman for further information about the Scholars Programme.