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Girls in STEAM Day inspires the next generation

The next generation of female STEAM employees took part in an inspirational event on 11 February, where they got to take part in  a number of hands-on activities and experiments, led by women working in STEAM careers.

Students had the chance to ask questions about the different careers and working in the STEAM field, as they moved around the different activities. These included:

Practical LEGO building exercising relating to Engineering/Construction - led by Christine Jordaan – Senior Utilities Manager for Thakeham Homes

Quiz of female scientists and engineers that have changed our world - led by Laura Rios – Materials R & D Manager at Ceres Power

Turning Electricity into movement: Challenge to build a simple Electric motor using batteries and magnets - led by FM McKenna – Chief Engineer at Ceres Power

Making Electricity: Demonstration of a Fuel cell in operation - led by Cecile Charbonneau – Process Research Manager

Newtonian and Non Newtonian behaviour:  Cornflour/water demonstration - led Celestina Morgan – Senior Scientist Ink & Materials at Ceres Power 

Thank you to Ceres Power and Thakeham Homes for helping us to run such a fantastic event.