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High Performers Graduation Ceremony concludes students' journey

Year 11 High Performers attended a special Graduation Ceremony on 17 December to celebrate and conclude their work on the programme.

Students joined the High Performers programme towards the end of Year 7 as either a Subject Specific High Performer (showing high ability in a particular subject) or as a Global High Performer (showing high ability across the curriculum). The programme is designed to develop students' academic abilities and leadership skills as well as encourage personal development and key transferable skills.

Students graduated with either bronze, silver or gold honours. A small number of Global High Performers also graduated as 'Associate' High Performers in recognition of their excellent commitment and high standard of work, having gone 'above and beyond' during their time on the programme.

The evening featured speeches from Ex-Associate Graduate (and former Head Boy) Bob Griffiths, graduating student Hannah Hardy and Andy Firth, Senior Consultant at Roffey Park Institute, who has worked with the Global High Performers to deliver Leadership training  and development.

Mrs Linsell, Global High Performers Coordinator, said: "It was wonderful to attend tonight's graduation and formally recognise the hard work and achievements of both the subject specific and global high performers. It was such an inspiring and positive evening and I am incredibly proud of all of the graduating students. Special thanks must go to all of our speakers."

Badges and scrolls at the High Performers Graduation Ceremony