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New Mural Celebrates Black History

To recognise Black History Month, Art Scholars from Year 8-10 worked really hard on a brilliant mural outside the History Department.

History Scholars and members of our student Equality Council researched a variety of historical and current figures who were then painted as a “gallery wall” for the school community to learn from and enjoy.

Over the course of three afternoon sessions, 25 Art Scholars planned the design for the mural, painted the frames on the wall, and painted amazing portraits of figures including Olive Morris, Walter Tull, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Olaudah Equiano and Diane Abbot.

Whilst completing this project during the winter months posed some weather-related challenges, the students’ resilience and enthusiasm were impressive and powered its success! This student-led celebration of diversity and inclusion is a fantastic example of the school’s commitment to celebrating care and kindness in all their historical embodiments.