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New trees honour the Queen and leave legacy for generations

The THS Eco Committee planted a hedgerow of 105 saplings in November, which were donated to the school as part of the Queens Green Canopy initiative in conjunction with The Woodland Trust.

The Queen’s Green Canopy was designed to create a green legacy to celebrate and commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, by offering free trees to state schools.

We applied for a hedgerow of Hawthorne, Rowan, Blackthorn , Silver Birch and common Oak trees, in order  to create a wildlife corridor between the edge of school and the science nature area. Silver Birch, Rowan, and Wild Cherry trees will also act to provide shade for students during the summer.

Mrs Dock, who runs the THS Eco Committee, said: “We were delighted to get involved with the Queen’s Green Canopy project. We are a very eco-conscious school and our Eco Committee are particularly passionate about creating a positive outside environment not only for wildlife, but for our own wellbeing as well.

We had a great time planting the trees together and would like to say a big thank you to our Premises Team for their help in getting this done too. I hope the trees continue to benefit the school community (and the nature within it) for many years to come, and that they leave a legacy to the Queen too.”