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PE and History join forces to commemorate Black History Month

History and PE High Performers joined forces to mark Black History Month this October with a sporting event inspired by three important black athletes.

History High Performers researched the struggles and achievements of Jesse Owens, Alice Coachman and Carl Lewis. They then presented their research to a group of PE High Performers. 

The two groups were then mixed and split into three teams;  "Team Jesse", "Team Alice" and "Team Carl" to take on an Indoor Long Jump challenge, inspired by the three athletes,

PE High Performers helped to coach the History High Performers before the groups competed against each other - with Team Jesse crowned as the overall winners.

Miss Simmons, History Teacher, said: "It was great to see the History and PE High Performers working so well together to commemorate Black History Month. Everyone threw themselves into tackling a sport, even though many of them had never tried Indoor Long Jump before. They enjoyed the challenge of trying to beat their previous jump with each attempt.

At the end of the session students were asked to summarise the 3 athletes in one word - words such as resilient, determined and inspiring were used."