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Student Prototypes receive Specialist Award

Members of the Tanbridge House School Year 7 STEM Club have received a specialist award for their innovative UV detectors, through a competition at the 2019 Big Bang South East event.

The students spent the last couple of months working with Mr Wine, Technology Teacher and Leader of STEM Club,  in developing a project to showcase at the 2019 Big Bang South East STEM event, investigating a wide range of situations that impact the lives of young people.

After deciding to focus on how they can raise awareness of the harmful effects of UV rays, students conducted research into the spectrum and looked at how UV is measured. This information was used to design, model and create prototypes for a new range of UV detectors that would be fun and interesting for young people. 

With over 80 projects presented by schools all across the South East, the competition was tough. Entrants had to present their concepts to a variety of judges from education and industry for over two hours.

Mr Wine said: "The students' passion and ability to answer questions under pressure showed resilience and professionalism, with a number of the judges commenting on the commercial viability of their ideas."

The students were selected for a specialist award in Technology by show sponsors and global engineering firm Edwards Vacuum, winning a trophy and Amazon vouchers to use on future STEM projects - a fantastic achievement.

 A prototype of the students' UV Detector

Students receive their award