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THS Students win at Horsham Poetry Competition

Two Tanbridge House students took the second and third prizes at a recent poetry competition for Horsham Park, meaning their poems will now feature on metal plaques on tree trunk seats in the park's new Poet's Corner alongside works by Shelley, Hilaire Belloc, and Julia Donaldson. 

Luke Jackson and Jess Hollingsworth won the second and third prizes respectively (read their poems, below), whilst Benedict Winter and Leon Kill also had their poems shortlisted. The shortlisted poems  will be displayed throughout the summer as part of the poetry trail.

Miss Finnimore, who leads the THS Writers Club, said: "There were over a hundred entrants to the competition, and the judges were really impressed by the creativity, thoughtfulness and passion captured in our students' work. Well done

Nature Finds Refuge by Luke Jackson

Nature finds refuge

In a picturesque expanse

Enthusiastic trees watch over confident grass

The complete beat of the earnest surreal sunbeams

Piercing, warming the heart of the haven of beauty.

Happiness radiates around the pulsating scenery 

Giving us tranquility, expecting nothing in return. 

Getting nothing in return Except the fire that we burn 

And the bulging, bullying, built-up bug 

And its tendrils of litter gnawing on the serene scene 

Infecting the wildlife-filled veins. 

Nature finds refuge We need to as well.

Memory Lane by Jess Hollingworth

Drifting along memory lane, I can hear my own laughter,

from a time when I was happy, when I was free.

Each intricate game amongst the flowers getting dafter

and each merry-go-round dance enticing my glee.


My feet scrape forward on the path I used to play,

entranced in a land of nostalgia and tranquillity.

The ghost of a child happily leads the way

to the park that taunts me with familiarity.


My childhood sings its siren song along with the birds,

A harmony of happiness, a symphony of sweetness.

My salty tears clash and claw against it, in droves, in herds,

but my heart succumbs to its forgotten weakness.


Somewhere in the mind of a poet, cold and dark,

lies the lost but resurfacing memories of Horsham Park.