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Tanbridge News - Student Takeover

We are so excited to launch our first ever student takeover of the Tanbridge News newsletter, and we would love as many students as possible to get involved. 

For our final newsletter issue of the 23/24 academic year, we want students to write the articles. So if you've been on a fantastic trip, taken part in a workshop off timetable, played in a sports fixture or been involved in the school production,  write about it and your piece could feature in our next newsletter! 

Entries are also welcome from students who might just like to write about one of these events/activities, even if they weren't involved in it themselves. Just do your research and make sure your article is accurate, and then send it in.

Why not view our past newsletters to get an idea of the sort of thing we're looking for. 

Once you've written your article, send it to Mrs Linsell at slinsell@ths.uk.net  before Monday 15 July.

Top tips

  • The purpose of the newsletter is to inform and entertain the reader. Your article should deliver a story in a way that gives all the information but also engages them.
  • The main aim is to inform so your writing should not be too personal. Maintain a formal style, avoid using ‘I’ and try to appear objective. 
  • The following guide can help you to structure your article:
    • Headline: This should catch the reader’s attention (headlines often use alliteration or word-play) and suit the tone of your article (humorous, serious, factual etc.)
    • Paragraph 1: Introduce the event giving the key information: What, when, who, where
    • Paragraph 2: Why, how - Give more detail on exactly what happened and what the cause was.
    • Paragraph 3: Include more background details or write about the finer details of what happened during the event/activity 
    • Paragraph 4: An interview or quotes giving someone’s opinion on the event; this could be someone directly related to the story i.e a teacher or student who took part.
    • Paragraph 5: What is the impact of this event? Is there a conclusion - well done to the students, thanks to the visitors for coming in etc.