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Yoga Therapy introduced to support student wellbeing

We have been thrilled to run some Yoga Therapy sessions throughout the Spring term, to support the well-being and mental health of selected students within the school community. 

The weekly sessions, coordinated by Mrs Parsonage, Resilience and Emotional Support Coordinator, have been led by Bernadette at Calming Tree Yoga. She explained: “Yoga Therapy aims to help young people understand their emotions and how their body handles them. During the sessions students are encouraged to explore the physical sensations they feel to find what brings comfort to them. This helps them to learn ways to soothe themselves in times of distress and provides tools for them to try when life feels difficult. 

Six Year 11 students have been taking part in the sessions this half term, with another group starting after the half term break.  

Mrs Parsonage said: “Supporting the mental health of our students is a key priority, and we are so pleased to have been able to run these sessions this half term and beyond. The students involved can really benefit from having the time and space in school to explore their emotions and focus on improving and managing their wellbeing."

Feedback from students has been incredibly positive, with participants saying they are really enjoying the space and time they have to do something new that is focussed on both their physical and mental wellbeing.

Please see www.calmingtree.co.uk or contact Mrs Parsonage (AParsonage@ths.uk.net) to find out more.