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Senior Leadership Team

Title/Name Job Title Email Ext
Mr Mark Sheridan Headteacher msheridan@ths.uk.net
Miss Vicky Edwards

Deputy Headteacher/ Science / Teaching and Learning

Mr Andy Ratcliffe Deputy Headteacher / Raising Achievement aratcliffe@ths.uk.net
Mrs Jill Friese-Greene Business Manager jfriesegreene@ths.uk.net 208
Miss Nikki Kindon Assistant Headteacher/ Maths / Data / Attendance  nkindon@ths.uk.net
Mr Steve Loney Assistant Headteacher/ MFL / Senior Link to Year 7  sloney@ths.uk.net
Mr Pete Marshallsay Assistant Headteacher/ Designated Safeguarding Lead / Pastoral Care pmarshallsay@ths.uk.net
Mr Mark Osmond Assistant Headteacher/ MFL / Senior Link to Year 9 mosmond@ths.uk.net
Miss Hannah Simon

Assistant Headteacher / English 

(Maternity Leave)


 Teaching Staff

Title/Name Job Title Email Ext

English Teacher

Deputy Leader of Year 7

Mr Thomas AGATE Leader of Science tagate@ths.uk.net
Mrs Peggy ASHCROFT English Teacher pashcroft@ths.uk.net
Mrs Sarah BAKER MFL Teacher sbaker@ths.uk.net
Miss Kirsty BERRY English Teacher kberry@ths.uk.net

Art Teacher/Deputy Leader of Year 11



Assistant Leader of PE

Leader of Girls PE 

Mr Matthew BROWN

Science Teacher

Mr Nicholas BROWN FPT/PSHE Teacher nbrown@ths.uk.net
Mr Simon  BURCH Mathematics Teacher sburch@ths.uk.net 
Mrs Lenna CARSE Mathematics Teacher lcarse@ths.uk.net
Mrs Su CHAPMAN English Teacher schapman@ths.uk.net
Miss Vicky CHARMAN Geography Teacher vcharman@ths.uk.net

MFL teacher

Mrs Olufunsho CHIKEZIE

Mathematics Teacher

Miss Jenny CHILD

Leader of Film Studies, Teacher of English and  Media Studies 

Mr Jonathan CLARK

Mathematics Teacher

Mrs Hannah COX

Leader of Design and Food Technology

Miss Jenny CRAVEN

English Teacher


Leader of Instruction (T&L), Computing and IT

Mrs Gaynor DEORAJ Leader of English gdeoraj@ths.uk.net
Mr Alex DIMOND Leader of Computing adimond@ths.uk.net
Miss Hannah DITON

Geography Teacher

Leader of Year 7

Mrs Estera EMMERSON English Teacher eemmerson@ths.uk.net
Ms Alison ETHERINGTON Science Teacher aetherington@ths.uk.net
Mr Jonathan FAIRHURST PE Teacher/ Leader of Year 8 jfairhurst@ths.uk.net
Mr Craig FOWLE PE Teacher/ Deputy Leader of Year 10 cfowle@ths.uk.net
Mrs Nicola GALLAGHER Teacher of Music and Dance  ngallagher@ths.uk.net
Mr Chris GLOSTER Teacher of Science and PE cgloster@ths.uk.net
Mrs Laura GOMES FERNANDES Science Teacher lgomesfernandes@ths.uk.net
Miss Taylor GREEN Drama and Performing Arts Teacher tgreen@ths.uk.net
Mr Rhys GRIFFITHS PE Teacher rgriffiths@ths.uk.net
Mrs Eirlys GROVES

Science Teacher

Mr Emlyn HALL

Leader of KS3 Science


Leader of  ICT

Extended Leadership Team

Mrs Nikki HARPER Teacher of History nharper@ths.uk.net
Ms Rebecca HARRY History Teacher / Leader of Teacher Training / Extended Leadership Team rharry@ths.uk.net
Mr James HOLMES Leader of Media/ English Teacher jholmes@ths.uk.net
Miss Kelly HOLMES MFL Teacher kholmes@ths.uk.net
Mr Jonathan HOLWELL Mathematics Teacher jholwell@ths.uk.net
Mrs Fiona HOUGHTON Science Teacher fhoughton@ths.uk.net
Mr Kristian HUNT Leader of Year 11 / PE Teacher khunt@ths.uk.net
Mrs Karen HYSLOP PE Teacher and Leader of Dance khyslop@ths.uk.net
Mrs Libbi INGRAM Leader of Music lingram@ths.uk.net
Mrs Rose KELLY English Teacher rkelly@ths.uk.net
Miss Isabelle HENTON Leader of MFL ihenton@ths.uk.net
Mrs Saxona LACEY

Teacher of Drama/Performing Arts 

Mrs Nikki LINDSAY Leader of History nlindsay@ths.uk.net
Miss Amy MACE Leader of Travel and Tourism and Assistant Leader of Geography  amace@ths.uk.net
Mrs Kirsty-Ann MACKAY

Leader of Performing Arts Faculty / Extended Leadership Team / 

Senior Link to Year 11

Mrs Vicky MATTHEWS Leader of Mathematics  vmatthews@ths.uk.net
Miss Alice MAY History Teacher amay@ths.uk.net
Miss Emma MCBRIDE Leader of Art emcbride@ths.uk.net 
Mrs Sarah MEAD English Teacher smead@ths.uk.net
Mrs Christine MINTON

Assistant Leader of English

Miss Hannah MORRIS Mathematics Teacher hmorris@ths.uk.net
Mrs Lin O'CONNELL Assistant Leader of Inclusion/ Dyslexia Specialist Teacher loconnell@ths.uk.net 253
Mr Josh OSBOURNE Teacher of Performing Arts josbourne@ths.uk.net 
Mrs Clare PACKER Psychology Teacher cpacker@ths.uk.net
Mrs Kate PALMER Science Teacher kpalmer@ths.uk.net
Mrs Lorraine PHILLIPS Geography Teacher/ KS3 Coordinator lphillips@ths.uk.net
Miss Sarah PITCHER History Teacher spitcher@ths.uk.net
Miss Sarah POWELL English Teacher/ Extended Leadership Team spowell@ths.uk.net
Mrs Lesley PRICE Geography Teacher/ Extended Leadership Team / Senior Link to Year 10 lprice@ths.uk.net
Mrs Sophie RABET English Teacher/ Deputy Leader of Year 9 srabet@ths.uk.net
Miss Anna RIDGEWELL Leader of Child Development and Teacher of Psychology, FPT & PSHE aridgewell@ths.uk.net
Mrs Anne RYAN Leader of Year 9/ MFL Teacher aryan@ths.uk.net 250
Mrs Hannah RYAN Mathematics Teacher hryan@ths.uk.net
Mr Nathan SEVERS Assistant Leader of Science nsevers@ths.uk.net
Mr Matthew SHAW English Teacher mshaw@ths.uk.net
Miss Elizabeth SIMMONS History Teacher esimmons@ths.uk.net
Mrs Lindsey SIMPSON Inclusion Teacher; SENCo Support lsimpson@ths.uk.net 272
Mrs Caryn SMITH Science Teacher csm@ths.uk.net 
Miss Jenny SMITH Art Teacher jsmith@ths.uk.net
Mr Russ SPYKER Leader of Geography rspyker@ths.uk.net

Leader of KS3 ICT and

Teacher of PE 

Miss Lauren STEADY Leader of Food Tech and Teacher of PE   lsteady@ths.uk.net
Mr Adam STENDER Science Teacher / Extended Leadership Team  astender@ths.uk.net
Mr Ryan STRUDWICK Geography Teacher/Deputy Leader of Year 8 rstrudwick@ths.uk.net
Mrs Babette SWANN MFL Teacher bswann@ths.uk.net
Mr Colm SWEET Advanced Subject Lead - Mathematics  csweet@ths.uk.net
Miss Hannah THOMPSON PE Teacher hthompson@ths.uk.net
Mrs Fazleena THURAB Mathematics Teacher fthurab@ths.uk.net
Mr David TIDMAN Leader of PE dtidman@ths.uk.net
Miss Sophie TRUELOVE English Teacher struelove@ths.uk.net
Mr Mike VAN VLIET Assistant Leader of Design Technology  mvanvliet@ths.uk.net
Ms Kirstie WALKER History Teacher / Leader of Year 10 kwalker@ths.uk.net 
Miss Gail WATSON MFL Teacher / Extended Leadership Team / Senior Link to Year 8 gwatson@ths.uk.net
Mrs Lucy WATTON Key Stage 3 & Year 9 English Coordinator. English Primary Transition. lwatton@ths.uk.net
Mrs Roselyne WEMA Leader of PSHE and  Faith, Philosophy & Thinking  rwema@ths.uk.net
Mrs Mary WILD Science Teacher mwild@ths.uk.net
Mr Alex WINE Design and Technology Teacher/ KS3 & KS4 Transitions awine@ths.uk.net
Ms Malgosia WLODARSKA Science Teacher mwlodarska@ths.uk.net
Miss Victoria WOOLLER Design and Food Technology Teacher vwooller@ths.uk.net

MFL Teacher



Support Staff

Title/Name  Job Title Email Ext
Mrs Charlea ANDERSON Responsibility for Learning Manager canderson@ths.uk.net
Mrs Corinne ATHERTON Exam Invigilator
Ms Tracey BARTLETT Cover Supervisor  tbartlett@ths.uk.net
Miss Katie BEACHER Attendance Officer thsattendance@ths.uk.net 255
Mr Phillip BEALL IT Technician pbeall@ths.uk.net
Mr John BERRY Exam Invigilator
Mrs Frances BEARRYMAN Senior TA - Literacy Support fbearryman@ths.uk.net
Mrs Sarah BESSANT Senior Exam Invigilator
Mr Ken BROOMFIELD Exam Invigilator
Mrs Sue BROOMFIELD Exam Invigilator
Mrs Celia BRYANT Exam Invigilator
Mrs Emma BUDD Senior Science Technician ebudd@ths.uk.net
Mrs Denise BUTLER Assistant Leader of  Year 9 dbutler@ths.uk.net 284
Mrs Lianne Byrne Finance Assistant finance@ths.uk.net 207
Mrs Wendy CARLBERG Reprographics Assistant wcarlberg@ths.uk.net 226
Ms Nicola CAWSEY Senior Science Technician ncawsey@ths.uk.net
Miss Hazel CHARMAN Exam Invigilator
Mrs Claire CLARKE Cover Supervisor cclarke@ths.uk.net
Mrs Hannah CLARKE Teaching Assistant hclarke@ths.uk.net 
Mrs Shona CLOUGH Exams and Assessment Manager sclough@ths.uk.net 257
Mrs Gail COLOMBO Teaching Assistant gcolombo@ths.uk.net
Miss Jess COLLETT Teaching Assistant jcollett@ths.uk.net
Mrs Claire COLLINS Finance Officer


Mrs Gemma COLQUHOUN Data Manager gcolquhoun@ths.uk.net  268
Mrs Emma COOMBER Careers Adviser ecoomber@ths.uk.net 228
Mrs Caroline CROOK Teaching Assistant ccrook@ths.uk.net 
Mrs Teresa CUTTER Exam Invigilator
Mrs Karen DUNECLIFT HR Assistant and Admin Assistant kduneclift@ths.uk.net 279
Mrs Nuala DUNNE Exam Invigilator
Mrs Talie DYSON Assistant Leader of Year 7 tdyson@ths.uk.net 275
Mrs Amanda ELLIOTT Food Technician aelliott@ths.uk.net
Mrs Sara ELOQUIN Food Technician seloquin@ths.uk.net 
Mrs Sue ELY Student Services and Cover Manager sely@ths.uk.net 202
Mrs Zoe FAIELLO Teaching Assistant zfaiello@ths.uk.net 
Mrs Candice FERRANDO Attendance Assistant & Exam Invigilator thsattendance@ths.uk.net 255
Mrs Fiona FRANKLIN Teaching Assistant ffranklin@ths.uk.net
Ms Elena GARA Science Technician 
Mrs Hilary GARSIDE Teaching Assistant hgarside@ths.uk.net 
Mr Ross GIBSON Network Manager  rgibson@ths.uk.net 230
Mrs Lynda GREENFIELD Senior Exam Invigilator
Mrs Sarah HARDY Science Technician shardy@ths.uk.net
Mrs Vicky HAYNES

SENCo Assistant/Lead in Transition

vhaynes@ths.uk.net 272
Mrs Helen HENDERSON Assistant Leader of  Year 11 hhenderson@ths.uk.net  245
Mrs Kirsty HENDERSON Assistant Leader of Year 10 khenderson@ths.uk.net 258
Mrs Henar LAZARO Medical Officer hlazaro@ths.uk.net 209
Mrs Pam LEADBEATER Exam Invigilator
Miss Annie LEWIS Teaching Assistant alewis@ths.uk.net 
Mrs Suzanne LILYWHITE Teaching Assistant slillywhite@ths.uk.net
Mrs Sally LINSELL Marketing and Development Manager slinsell@ths.uk.net 204
Mrs Angel MA Science Technician ama@ths.uk.net
Mrs Caroline MACDONALD Assistant Leader of Year 8 cmacdonald@ths.uk.net 213
Miss Julia MATTHEWS Data Admin Assistant 247
Mrs Sheila MAYO Senior Teaching Assistant - English smayo@ths.uk.net
Mrs Verity MEREWOOD Art Technician vmerewood@ths.uk.net
Miss Rhiannan MUTTICK Cover Supervisor rmuttick@ths.uk.net 
Mrs Sandra NEAL Careers, PSHE and Admin Assistant sneal@ths.uk.net 259
Mrs Sarah NEWTON Teaching Assistant snewton@ths.uk.net
Mrs Autumn NIELSEN Premises Officer
Mrs Lindy NICHOLLS Student Reception office@ths.uk.net 201
Mrs Paula NICHOLS Admissions Officer and Administrator  pnichols@ths.uk.net 203
Mr Catalin NITULESCU Senior Site Officer cnitulescu@ths.uk.net
Miss Michelle OGLE  Cover Supervisor  mogle@ths.uk.net
Ms Kellie OLDFIELD Cover Supervisor koldfield@ths.uk.net
Mrs Amanda PARSONAGE Resilience and Emotional Support Coordinator aparsonage@ths.uk.net 
Mrs Charlene PEACOCK Teaching Assistant  cpeacock@ths.uk.net
Mrs Jeannine PEARSON Teaching Assistant jpearson@ths.uk.net
Mrs Michelle PICKARD Senior Cover Supervisor & Assistant Exams Officer mpickard@ths.uk.net
Mr Gavin PUNTER Teaching Assistant gpunter@ths.uk.net
Mrs Emily QUINN Exam Invigilator
Mrs Beki RAMSEY Exam Invigilator
Mrs Eszter RESLI-PUGH Community Reception / Lettings and Admin Assistant EResliPugh@ths.uk.net 262
Mr John RHODIE Inclusion Manager - Behaviour Support jrhodie@ths.uk.net 210
Mr Jon ROONEY Site Officer
Mrs Lou SALISBURY LRC and Events Coordinator lsalisbury@ths.uk.net 227
Mrs Tracy SAMBROOK Teaching Assistant tsambrook@ths.uk.net
Mr Michael SAUNDERS Exam Invigilator
Mrs Sarah Schoenholtz Teaching Assistant  SSchoenholtz@ths.uk.net
Mrs Angela SMALLWOOD Exam Invigilator
Mrs Kath SMITHIES Exam Invigilator
Mr David STOCKER Behaviour Support Coordinator dstocker@ths.uk.net
Miss Gemma STRUGNELL Headteacher's PA gstrugnell@ths.uk.net 205
Mrs Rebecca STRUTHERS Teaching Assistant bstruthers@ths.uk.net
Mrs Julie SULLIVAN Exam Invigilator
Mrs Sarah THOMAS Science Technician sthomas@ths.uk.net
Mrs Katherine THOMS Teaching Assistant kthoms@ths.uk.net
Mrs Vicky TOTTMAN Science Technician
Mrs Danni TRESADERN Clerk to the Governors danni.tresadern@ths.uk.net
Mr Raymond TSUI Science Technician 
Mrs Sally TURNER Exam Invigilator
Mrs Susie VOISEY Finance Officer finance@ths.uk.net 221
Mrs Anne WALDER Exam Invigilator
Mrs Tanya WATTS SENCo Administrator twatts@ths.uk.net
Mr Paul WILLIAMS Site Manager pwilliams@ths.uk.net 212
Mrs Sue WOODLEY Senior Exam Invigilator