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Student Voice

At Tanbridge House School we feel it is important to listen to students. Student Voice is made up of a number of different representatives who together, give our students a voice in areas such as staff recruitment, charity work, environmental issues and surveys/research.

Every student has the opportunity to be part of Student Voice and representatives are available to listen to ideas and suggestions to help make Tanbridge House School an even better place for our students.

For further about Student Voice, please contact Miss Watson.

What does Student Voice do?

Just Different Workshop
"As members of the student voice, we had the incredible opportunity to listen to a man who has cerebral palsy. The workshop was incredible as we learnt about how his disability affects and doesn't affect his life. As a whole, everyone was so inspired and impressed by the presenter's mindset - we all felt extremely motivated to also change out mindset.
It was a really interesting experience that everyone has taken something away from.
We had the opportunity to ask our own questions - with nothing being wrong, rude or embarrassing: an open, honest space, and a rare opportunity."


Staff Interviews

"In Student Voice we each get the opportunity to interview a potential new staff as part of their interview process. We then give  our opinions on them and voice what we thought about them. We usually speak to Mr White and share our thoughts.

This is not only a good opportunity for students to voice their opinions , but an excellent chance to experience a real interview. This very important because we as students get to have an input on staff members in the school that we interact with everyday. "


Yemen Workshop

"We had an eye-opening presentation into the current Yemen situation. We all felt really motivated that things need to change and had the chance to create a paper plate with our own slogan on to promote this cause. These contributed to the protests that went on outside Houses of Parliament and some of us even got to go join them. 
We also wrote letters or created videos that highlighted what we had learnt and to try educate our peers into this important matter."