Aims of the School

Our aims as a school reflect our ambition for continual progress and our passion for being the best school that we can be for our students, parents, staff and community links.

Our aims are:

  • To ensure that every student is supported to maximise their academic potential and reach their "personal best"
  • Enabling every student at Tanbridge House School to become self motivated to develop respect of others and to gain a real sense of self-worth within a caring and nurturing school environment
  • Building strong links with parents/carers and our community to provide an outstanding educational experience for all learners in a co-educational environment
  • Insisting on excellent¬†teaching to ensure¬†progression and actively responding to individual needs, talents, skills and interests. To promote enquiring minds, creativity and confidence.
  • Ensuring provision of the best facilities in a comfortable, attractive and safe work-place
  • Empowering students at Tanbridge House School to develop essential skills for lifelong learning, vital for success in a fast changing and diverse society
  • To aspire to be "Exceptional Every Day"