Exceptional Every Day

At Tanbridge House School we strive to be "Exceptional Every Day" and we go out of our way to ensure that our students have the best opportunities to develop their learning and to develop as people.

In the classroom

Being "Exceptional Every Day" means that we work hard to make lessons engaging and exciting. We want our students to be as enthusiastic about their education as our teachers are and we mix traditional learning methods with new ideas and technologies to make this happen.

Outside the classroom

We offer a plentiful and varied programme of extra - curricular clubs and activities which allow students to indulge their passions and develop existing or new skills in a number of areas. In addition, school trips and off-timetable activities that we run throughout the year are designed to enhance learning further and provide some unforgettable experiences.

The gallery below shows some examples of just some of the things that make us "Exceptional Every Day".