A Specialist School

Tanbridge House School is a Specialist School in Science, Mathematics and Computing. This means that we are committed to delivering excellence in these subjects as well as providing a wide range of related opportunities for our students.

We are committed to the principles of Specialist Schools to raise standards of attainment, extend opportunities for every student and benefit the wider community.

Our constant aim is to provide our students with the necessary skills to succeed with confidence in the 21st Century workplace. We take our successes from Science, Mathematics and Computing and implement these into our learning and teaching strategies throughout the whole school.

Students are given the experience of working with real Science, Mathematics and Computing problems.  They will develop and increase in skills and confidence to independently use ICT to solve mathematical problems and model scientific investigations; showing the relevance of the skills learnt, therefore creating independent learning. Our specialisms enhance teaching and learning across all elements of school life.

We recognise that children learn in different ways and at different times, rates and pace. Our aim is to provide a curriculum which allows flexibility, range and continuity. The unique partnership of combined specialisms allows all students to develop their particular talents.