Eco-Rep - Student Impressions

Below is an extract from a student application to become an Eco-Rep.

It illustrates the importance of the work the Eco-Reps do at Tanbridge House School as well as the enthuiasm of many of our young people to make a difference to the environment.


"I think I would be a good Eco rep because I am really really interested in the natural world and I would like to learn more about it.

Not only that but I would love to be able to do something about the danger it is in, instead of standing back and letting other people do the hard work.  I think that if everyone did at least something to help the environment, then we could reduce (even by just a bit) things like global warming and the amount of landfill sites, etc. Even if it's just a small input by everyone, it will make a huge difference because we all know that it's the small things in life that matter.

I read an interesting fact a few weeks ago that said that if a tree was planted for every Coca-Cola sold, we could replant every tree that has been chopped down within three years. I am a charity rep. and I think that if a fundraising event was organised that involves having something yummy and popular being sold and a tree/flower/plant was planted in the local area for everything sold it would help the environment and make people happy and fill stomachs!  It might even catch on and other people could do just a little thing to help their community and their natural environment because like I said earlier it's the little things that count."