Other Projects

Green Flag Award

Tanbridge House School is proud to have been awarded the Eco Schools Green Flag Award. We are currently working towards renewing the flag for the 4th time (2014), having previously received it in 2012, 2010, 2008. This prestigious award is given out by Eco Schools to schools that can show their commitment and dedication to promoting sustainability and 'green' initiatives throughout the school. The Eco Reps continue to work on projects which will hopefully help us to maintain this award.


Recycling Plant Visits

Every 2 years the Eco Reps visit a recycling plant in Sussex where they can see how their recycling is sorted. During these visits, the group have discovered the stages to a plastic bottle getting recycled into a fleece and have also looked at how our old recycled glass has been used within the surface of the M25 motorway.


Saving Energy in School

Since January 2012 the Eco Reps have been running a campaign to encourage teachers to turn off their smart boards at breaktimes. When every teacher turns off their board at breaktimes, the school can save hundreds of hours of electricity each month. In the first three months of the campaign, we saved over £700!


Campaigning with UNICEF

In April 2013 the Eco Reps helped UNICEF with an international campaign to end world hunger. Students created plates with their ideas of how to solve the problems of world hunger, which were then sent to MPs as part of the UNICEF Campaign.


Raspberry Pi Competition

A team of IT students entered the PA Consulting Group Raspberry Pi Competition in November 2013. This is a national competition which invited young people to use the Raspberry Pi - a low-cost, credit-card-size computer – to make the world a better place.

The seven students from the school's Raspberry Pi Club (run by Mr Benyon and Mr Pettigrew) used the computer and their programming skills to create a device which monitors when plants becomes thirsty and then dispenses water from a reservoir when needed. The team made it through to the National Finals at the Science Museum in London at the beginning of April and were one of the runners up.