Water projects

Water Challenge competition

In 2010 the Eco Reps took part in a competition to create a water saving message. THS was one of 5 schools in the South East of England to be selected to create a water saving idea.

The THS water challenge team created three ideas; a tap that dispensed just the amount of water needed for a task, eg: brushing your teeth, a cup of tea, etc. The second design was a water harvester for the school grounds which recycled water from the gym roof so it could be used to water plants in a new eating area that the students had been designing. The third idea was a water pumping station called ‘The Sweep’ that could change salt water into drinking water, which would be invaluable to help countries like Africa.

The team  went to Bewl Water to present their ideas to a panel of judges, including Wayne Hemmingway, and won £1, 000 of prize money to build their water harvester design for the new outside eating area which is currently under construction outside the Main Hall.  Our water saving message can be seen by the sinks around the school.

The group also visited a water treatment plant as part of our research at the start of the project in March 2010, with the final presentation in July 2010.