Academic Information

At Tanbridge House School we believe in providing an atmosphere and ethos that promotes quality learning through high quality teaching. Our timetable spans ten days, with each day consisting of five sixty minute periods.

We operate a flexible system of allocation to teaching groups that is designed to cater for both the abilities of individual students and the differing requirements of subjects. The learning of Gifted and Talented students is extended and enriched through specially created courses and opportunities as well as our own lesson planning.

Key Stage 3 (Year 7 and 8)All students follow courses in the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science and ICT alongside Design, Food and Textiles, French, German or Spanish, Physical Education, Religious Education, Personal Social & Health Education, Geography, History, Art, Music and Drama.

Key Stage 4 (Year 9, 10 and 11)Additional courses are offered; Statistics, Sciences (single, double or three single Sciences), Design & Technology (Resistant Materials, Graphics, Food or Textiles), Physical Education, Dance, Psychology, Media Studies, Business Communication Systems, ASDAN, Vocational courses in partnership with local college providers (an alternative option providing accredited courses).

Double AwardsDouble Awards provide an excellent opportunity for work related learning and we currently offer these in Leisure & Tourism.

Target SettingEvery student is set a realistic target level based on a measure of their ability and potential when they arrive in Year 7. During Year 7 this target grade will be monitored and changed to reflect each student’s actual performance. Performance Reviews will indicate if a student is performing well enough to achieve or exceed their target level. Targets are not about competing with others but about students achieving their own personal best.