Key Assessment Week Information

The information below was sent out via School Comms


Key Assessment Week and Study Leave Friday 23 November – Friday 30 November

Dear Parent/Carer

I am pleased to confirm that all plans are in place for Year 11’s Key Assessment program which begins on Friday 23 November.  I hope, therefore, that the following information is useful.

- Study Leave – Study leave is from Monday 26 November – Friday 30 November.  Students are in school as normal on Friday 23 November.  It is important that Year 11 students get used to planning their study and preparation time on a more independent basis.  Please ensure that your child uses Study Leave effectively and completes high levels of work during this period.

- Timetables – students have already received their individual timetable.  

- As you know from our Information Evening, effective study skills and revision are based upon regular work, revisiting topics and GCSE questions, self-quizzing and testing and active learning.

- Study support – all students should be using SharePoint to locate Learning Reviews and other revision materials:

  • Click on Subject Area
  • Click on Year 11 Term 1
  • November Key Assessment resources can be found here

Overall, colleagues and I believe that the year group has made a very positive start.  Our experience and previous successes make clear that students are most likely to reach and/or exceed their target grades when they prepare thoroughly and do not leave things to the last minute.

We are also mindful that it is important for every student to find time to relax and spend sensible amounts of time away from their studies.  That said, Study Leave is not a holiday!  We have let the year group know all of the information noted above in a range of assemblies and other tutor times.  We hope to be able to offer Study Leave again ahead of final mock/Key Assessments in spring, but will only do so if we have clear evidence that students are taking full advantage of it.

Thanks again for your help and support and please do not hesitate to contact Mr Hunt, Miss Vaughan, or subject leaders and teachers if you require any further help of advice.

Yours Faithfully


Jules White