Students create record breaking advert (2010)

Last year a world record attempt began at Tanbridge House School in Horsham, West Sussex to produce a radio advertisement featuring the most number of individual voices ever to be recorded. Now after the long process of assemblies, workshops, script writing and editing, the advert is ready!

Setting a world record, the advert features 138 different voices from the students in Year 9 at Tanbridge House and is all thanks to John Calvert, the Managing Director of radio commercial production company Airforce who had always dreamed of creating a world record for the radio industry.

John commented: “I am delighted that the advertisement is now complete and I believe we have created a world record. Teaming up with Tanbridge House School was wonderful and their students were a delight to work with. I not only wanted to show them a brief glimpse into the technical side of the media industry but also prove to them that by always using your imagination and creative skills you can achieve your dreams.”

The script for the advert was written by 13 year old Tanbridge student Tristan Smith who wanted to send a message to the adult generation. Based around the dreams of young people it explains how today’s society can occasionally stereotype teenagers when all they want is support.

Not satisfied with just setting a world record the students at Tanbridge School have now decided to help other young people buy selling their radio advertisement for a mere £1.00. Their goal is to raise vital funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust charity who ensure that young cancer patients get the best possible care in hospital. They build specially designed wards for teenagers where they can be treated and recover with like minded young patients rather than being put in a children’s or adults ward.

You can download the file, below:

Audio icon Tanbridge House School Radio Advert - The Dream (mp3)