Admissions Timeline 2018/9

Please note these dates may be subject to slight change. We will keep these page updated as new dates become available.

Secondary & Intermediate Transfer Timelines Key Date for Action
Schools to have their prospectus published and available to parents 7th September 2018
Provide information for parents on West Sussex schools and how to apply 10th September 2018
National closing date for all applications 31 October 2018
Send list of all applications naming an out-of-county school to the relevant Local Authority By 19th November 2018
Send list of all applications naming own admission authority (OAA) schools to the relevant schools By 3rd December 2018
OAA schools and other Local Authorities to return ordered preference lists to the Pupil Admissions Team By 14th December 2018
Prepare and distribute lists of offers made for all schools Week beginning25th February 2019
Notify all parents of offer made, using email where possible Friday 1st March 2019